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Tricking is relatively new underground sport that combines aesthetic moves from different martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, capoeira and wushu, and also movement from gymnastics and different dance disciplines. One of the Worlds leading tricking crews "Team Vellusta" with their trick-king Vellu Saarela brings their higly talented skills for you to experience in UniFlow Shows!

Want to know more about Team Vellusta. Click to their site 


Team Vellusta provides high energy, acrobatic shows spiced with elements from modern circus and dance. Stirring bodycoordination, disciplined martial arts and high-flying flips will make the audience gasp and take your event to the next level. Shows can be tailored to fit your event, atmosphere and brand!



UniFlow acrobats are among the elite of circus acrobats and contortionists. With the years of hard training, performing and teaching all over the world, one can now experience this bending art form in UniFlow Glow and Fire Shows done by spineless Duo Minja and Hand-to-hand duo 'Vellu & Karina' from Team Vellusta. 

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